Rental Rates

Weekend (Fri-Sun)

Weekday (Mon-Thur)

Category 1- Commercial or profit-making uses, and general public use (clubs, classes, receptions, businesses, ect.)

Category 2 - Not-for-profit organizations / outreach (Girl Guides, Scouts, Red Cross, etc.) 


  • Overages of the allotted contractual time will be deducted from the damage deposit in 15 minute increments rounded up.

  • $50/hr Fee for janitorial services may be deducted from the damage deposit due to excessive filth.

  • Renters are expected to leave rooms in the condition and set-up they were in as they arrived.

  • 80 chairs and 15 Round tables included with main hall; Tables seat a maximum of 7 people.

Refundable Damage Deposit:

  •  $250



  • Refundable Damage Deposit is due at time of booking to confirm reservation 

  • Total Cost (including Refundable Damage Deposit) due 7 days prior to event

  • Damage Deposit will not be refunded if canceled less than 7 days prior to event

    • 50% refunded if within 14 days prior to event

    • 80% refunded if over 14 days prior to event

  • Refundable Damage Deposit will be issued within one week after the event assuming no damage

Building use and Procedure 



The neighbourHouse recognizes that our facility is a significant tool in carrying out our mission to be a radically inclusive and world transforming community.

This being said, usage of the facility must abide by certain policies and procedures in order to protect the asset and the good name of neighbourHouse. What follows are the policies and procedures of neighbourHouse in relation to the rental of our community center.

A. Facility Usage Guidelines
All events must abide by the following guidelines to insure the safety of attendees and the protection of the facility.

  1. The organization or event must fit with neighbourHouse’s visions and values

  2. The organization or event must uphold neighbourHouse’s reputation

  3. The organization must provide proof of liability insurance

  4. Events with high property damage and/or personal injury risks will not be allowed

  5. Use of the facility shall be in accordance with the city fire and safety ordinances

         a) Among other items, these prohibit smoking and overcrowding of community center facilities.

  1. All music instruments and audio visual equipment are the responsibility of neighbourHouse’s

    Music Director. Use of instruments or equipment must have the Music Director’s authorization.

  2. Plants and other decorative arrangements will not be moved without prior permission.

  3. No attachments may be made to any wall, temporary structures constructed, or modification made to any space without prior authorization.

  4. No food or drink allowed in Auditorium

  5. All garbage is to be removed from the premises. There is a garbage bin on the church parking lot

    (key is located on kitchen bulletin board) No food is to be left in the refrigerators. All countertops

    and tables are to be cleaned and floor spills wiped up.

  6. neighbourHouse is committed to environmentally responsible use of all resources. We ask renters of our facilities to help fulfill this commitment by following all recycling instructions and avoiding, whenever possible, the use of disposable, non-biodegradable materials such as styrofoam and plastic when planning and conducting events in the community centre.

B. Facility Usage Request

1. General

      a)  All events must be booked through neighbourHouse’s Facility Manager.

      b)  Priority in booking is given to neighbourHouse’s regular or sponsored events

      c)  No event should be planned to be held within the facility prior to confirmation of booking

      d)  No event shall be confirmed more than six months prior to the event

      e)  Please inform the office of cancellations as soon as possible

2. Guidelines for Equipment Use

      a)  All equipment is to remain on the premises of the community center and will not go out to outside organizations, weddings, concerts etc. Exceptions may be made for neighbourHouse’s sponsored events or at the discretion of the Facility Management Team.

      b)  Use of portable audiovisual equipment including TVs, DVDs, sound equipment, etc. must be

booked through the office. Priority of use is given to neighbourHouse’s regular events.

     c)  All permanent sound, lighting and video equipment in neighbourHouse will be run by qualified

technicians as determined by the Audio / Visual Director.

3. Guidelines for Facility Usage NeighbourHouse reserves the right to implement the following restrictions concerning time and setting:

      a) Time:

  • All regular weekday events must be over by 10:30 p.m.

  • All outside booked events must be over by 10:00 p.m. Requests for later time can be made

    through the office.

  • Saturday events should be completed by 11 p.m. (Exceptions may be granted for special

    events) b) Setting

  • We reserve the right to disallow any event or activity that may be deemed harmful to attendees, cause damage to the facility, or use messy products that may need extraordinary cleaning of the facility.

  • Sparklers, firecrackers or any other combustible products may not be used within the facility.

  • In circumstance where candles will be used, extreme caution will be taken to insure the safety of attendees and to protect the facilities. Candles on tables must be within protected

    containers. Only drip-less candles may be used.

  • We reserve the right to review a program and props to be used by a renter.

     c) Alcohol Usage

  • Wine may be consumed in conjunction with a wedding celebration

  • Cash bars of any kind are prohibited

  • The renter will provide a copy of a valid liquor license 7 days prior to the wedding

  • Renters must remove all empty liquor containers at the end of their rental